Breeding Resources

Breed the pet of your dreams with these downloadable petz. Hex-free unless indicated otherwise.


Dalis with sheepdog coats


NIB! These have all dali traits except for the sheepdog coat.

Orange Shorthairs with Scottish Fold Ears

These are just oshies with Scottish fold ears! Gen-10-8 is NIB but only has one copy of the fold gene. Gen 11-1 is inbred but has two copies. They were bred with the Swallowtail oshie OW because I was bored. If you have P4 I you'll need a Scottish fold breedfile.



Mini Calicos

mini calicos

All calico traits but chinchilla (90) scales

Mini Dalis

mini dalis

NIB dalis with all dali traits but Chihuahua scales (100)

Mini Sheepies

NIB sheepies with chihuahua scales (90).



Spotless dali with black ears