Experiments in dithering

Dithering is using computer algorithms to create the illusion of color depth using a limited palette. The Petz Palette only has 256 colors. Of those colors very few of them are purples or oranges, which is disappointing to me. So I started playing with Dithering. I found a cool web application called DitherIt that allows you to experiment with different dithering algorithms. Adding the 256 Petz colors to it seemed daunting but I scripted it and you can get the palette in this GitHub Gist. Use "Import" to use it on DitherIt.

Here are some experiments trying to emulate a bright purple.

Some of them are cool but maybe look pretty eye-hurty.

Lisa Frank Texture Pack

I later learned to narrow down the colors to the more pleasing ones (I called this palette "malibu") and do some manual dithering (in an app with dither brushes called Pixaki) to create cool effects. I used these as textures to make these fun Petz:

You can download these textures in a pack I call "Lisas" named as Lisa Frank

Download Lisas.zip

Here's an example of what some of the textures in the pack look like:

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