Hack O Lantern

The Jack O Lantern toy is known for triggering "scared" and "angry" emotions in petz. Thanks to Reflet we know the strings associated with these emotions. You can see a list of them in the "Emotions" sheet of the Petz Stuff spreadsheet.

  • 01 Happy
  • 02 Sad
  • 03 Gratitude
  • 04 Angry
  • 05 Happy
  • 06 Fear
  • 07 Generous
  • 08 Jealousy
  • 09 Pride
  • 0A[^1] Shame

[^1]: These are hex numbers so this is 10 in decimal

I used Omar's Petz Debugger to see what emotions Petz had when playing with the toy. I set the checkbox to "Emotions" and could see 4 (angry) and 6 (fear).

06 00 00 6A 64 6A 04

Search for this in a hex editor and change that last 04 (angry) to another emotion!

You can do the same for the 06 here

24 00 07 00 00 50 6A 06

Remember these are hex numbers!

This doesn't change some of the other actions in this function, which seem to trigger states like "StateTripAndSkid" so you may see your petz jump up in fear but they won't have the "fear" emotion.

If you want to confirm, you can see in the debugger the emotion is now "3"

CleanShot 2021-08-27 at 00 50 32@2x

Other useful Jack O Lantern info

For changing the flavor search for

01 00 00 8B 06 6A 1B

The 1B is the original flavor. gyiyg's guide has a reference on how to change it

For color search for

00 8B 16 6A 08

And change the 08

Technical details

The Jack O Lantern has its own special function I found in IDA Pro (a disassembler). Petz hexer Gyigyg has a very good guide to using this in the toy internal adjective hexing tutorial. The function is called MakePetzReact and I've never seen it in any other toy. Search for the 4 hex byte. Then in the search results click on the result that's in the MakePetzReact function and is a push 4. Do the same for 5. Then you can use the hex view to find where it is in the file and edit it in a hex editor.