Markingpedia: A catalog of all markings WIP

Seeds are little endian hex format


On a monocolor dali at marking factor 100 in both slots.

Chihuahua cream chest patch/golden brows (seed 0xC857)
GSD(seed 0xC857)
Papillion brown head markings
Papillion black head markings
Jrt (seed 0xDB5A)


  • Mutt brown ears
  • Mutt face streak middle
  • Mutt face streak left
  • Mutt face streak right
  • Mutt chest patch
  • Mutt butt patch
  • Mutt hip patch
  • Mutt tail tip
  • Chihuahua face patch
  • Chihuahua boots
  • Great dane face patch
  • Papillion grey face

Unusual Cases

"Calico": The cause is unknown but seems to be related to GSD markings. This dog has set one: GSD/GSD. Set 2: Great dane (1)/Great Dane (6)
"Golden" lab jowl contrast. Only occurs with the lab coat, markings around jowl a bit darker than the main coat color. Seed FC15 here.


Alley (marking factor 100)
Alley (marking factor 50)
Alley (marking factor 40)
Alley (marking factor 30)
Alley (marking factor 10)


  • B&W SH big tail tip
  • B&W SH small tail tip
  • B&W Chest patch
  • Calico white butt patch
  • Calico orange butt patch
  • Calico black right patch patch
  • Calico black right foot patch
  • Calico orange/black left foot patch
  • Calico white/orange right wrist patch
  • Calico Right elbow orange patch
  • Calico Left elbow white patch
  • Calico shoulder white/black patches
  • Calico right knee black patch
  • Calico left knee tan patch
  • Calico right hip white patch
  • Calico left hip orange patch
  • Maine coon face streak