Auto Rolling Mouse - BETA (Petz 4 & 3)

Not gonna lie but I was trying to turn the mouse into a toy that acts like a mouse but it just looks silly. But I thought it was funny so it's uh a fun toy now! Feel free to use it to make other mice! Like giant mice, or like different color mice. You can even paste in the roach lnz.

Download p5 Download p4 Download p3

Treat Puzzle Slider - BETA (Petz 4)

My real life catz LOVE the catamazing sliders puzzle box. So I made it in Petz! It's technically a bunch of hacked seed boxes that you put in a hacked basket, so yeah you can put other stuff in the box (including Petz). The petz can play with the sliders themselves or put them in the box! When they bat a treat out, it might roll around for a bit because I hacked the physics. The boxes are different flavors/colors. The red one is chicken, blue one is milk, and green one is fish.


Balance Board - BETA (Petz 4)

I noticed petz would often balance on the "dog bed" from the P4 so I used it to hex a balance board.



Cheese! It's not just an occasional treat! It's for whenever your petz want it! Hexed to be real cheese flavor!


GAY SPRAY by CyberneticCupcake (Petz 4)

CyberneticCupcake had the genius idea to make a gay spray! Unlike regular spray, this spray doesn't punish your petz, it just makes them horny. Happy Pride month!